Thursday, 15 April 2010

Politically charged pop lyric of your choice

Hope everyone in the UK is enjoying the current leadership debates. Hilarious to watch Cameron and Clegg trying their hardest to each appear as down to Earth and normal as possible, while Gordon stands on the sidelines cackling at them.

Here's an interview I did for Mojo with that bloke out of Kasabian a few years back. Eagle-eyed readers will notice that it's exactly the same questions as the ones with that guy from the Police. Set questions, innit.


What music are you currently grooving to?

I saw Ennio Morricone at the Hammersmith Apollo about a month ago. I always liked his music, but live it fucking blew me away. It was just unbelievable. The Pretty Things’ S F Sorrow as well. Baron Saturday is the most amazing song. It’s one of those songs you wish you’d written. It’s kind of a forgotten album and arguably the first concept album that was big.

What, if push comes to shove, is your all-time favourite album?

That’s a question you can never really answer. Two albums that changed my life are Definitely Maybe by Oasis and Endtroducing by DJ Shadow. I always wanted to be in Oasis, but Shadow’s record opened my eyes to a whole new world of music. In the same way that I got into The Kinks, The Who, The Small Faces and all these sixties bands because of Oasis, Endtroducing got me into electronica and hip hop. My dream is to one day take from both of them and make the perfect album. In my head anyway!

What was the first record you ever bought? And where did you buy it?

It was George Harrison’s Got My Mind Set On You. I got
it from this place called Ainsley’s Music in Leicester
that’s not there anymore. I can’t remember how old I
was, but I liked the beat. I didn’t know anything
about the Beatles at the time, but it made me want to
move my feet.

Which musician, other than yourself, have you ever
wanted to be?

Keith Richards bends my mind! He’s everything you want to be in a band. I think he’s fucking great. There’s some people like that who just carry on living like a lunatic forever and you just think, ‘how?’

What do you sing in the shower?

I listen to music in the shower and sing along to that. It sounds good in the bathroom. I like Dizzee Rascal’s Fix Up, Look Sharp. The beat sounds great reverberating on the tiles. And The Mexican by Babe Ruth.

What is your favourite Saturday night record?

Hound Dog by Elvis Presley. It’s two minutes long, and
within those two minutes you’re just ready. It makes
you feel like you’re in a motorcycle gang or something.

And your Sunday morning record?

Who Loves The Sun by the Velvet Underground. Just get on the sofa with a big bag of crisps, loads of Minstrels and that’s it.

Monday, 5 April 2010

That fella out of the Police. No, not Sting. The other one.

While avoiding work and listening to the great Moon Wiring Club ASDA mix that can be downloaded here...

...I stumbled across this short interview I did with Stewart Copeland out of the Police, many moons ago. It's one of those stock question and answer things, but I thought I'd dredge it out. They didn't run with my strap, sadly. Wonder why?

Stewart Copeland
He likes Squarepusher and urban hostility

What music are you currently grooving to?

I like a variety of stuff. DJ Spooky gave me a bunch of his records and I like them. He’s combined all kinds of urban hostility with beautiful, ethereal world elements. There’s a cool artist called Jesca Hoop who’s recording an album. Her producer’s a buddy and they’re probably gonna hussle me into recording a track with her.

What, if push comes to shove, is your all-time favourite album?

I would pick any of the first three Jimi Hendrix albums, but Electric Ladyland particularly. It had the best drums and the best guitar. I would sneak into the language lab in boarding school to listen to this record because I didn’t have a record player in my dorm.

What was the first record you bought? And where did you buy it?

Help! by The Beatles. I was in Beirut. A friend of mine was going back to the States for a couple of weeks and I gave him money to buy me something American. So he bought me an English album!

Which musician, other than yourself, have you ever wanted to be?

Sting. Bastard can sing! I envy John Adams. He writes orchestral pieces and his works are performed all over the world. He lives up north of San Francisco in a beautiful place. He probably doesn’t even have an agent and he needs no contact with the real world. I wouldn’t mind a livelihood that allows me to live out in the mountains with the wind in my hair.

What do you sing in the shower?

I don’t. I make political speeches. I sing to the girls in the car though. (Sings) “You’re a little bunny rabbit and I’m daddy, we’re all going out to play.” All the back seat’s squirming, “Dad! Shut up!” I try to lead them in song to keep them from fighting. It doesn’t work. I’m sure my kids will grow up scarred and demented.

What is your favourite Saturday night record?

For going out, probably Latin music. Before I got satellite radio I’d just listen to Mexican radio stations and whoever came on would be great.

And your Sunday morning record?

Either Blondie, B-52s or Jimi Hendrix. That trades with whatever my girls play me. The boys turned me onto Squarepusher and Leftfield, but they’re grown up now. The girls are into Japanese pop music. The lamer it is, the more they get a thrill.