Saturday, 12 September 2009


Bleary eyed today, following a great night on the town with the SFX crew and Filmstar's Steve O'Brien. I got home somewhere around 7.30 this morning, tried to watch an episode of Sky, an odd bit of seventies kid sci-fi which, in my admittedly broken state, appeared to be about a magic boy hiding in some leaves. Witchy and painfully hauntological, man. The Ghost Box folks would love it. Gave up ten minutes in and staggered to bed instead.

Anyway, two things that are making me smile through the pain...

1. Beck, proving he's still a genius. He's currently covering a Leonard Cohen record, one track at a time. Last week's 'Suzanne' was a godawful mess. This week it's 'Master Song' which has somehow mutated into a wonderfully bad bit of impromptu hip-hop.

2. Totally stolen from Pitchfork this, but too good to miss. The cover art to Weezer's new record, superbly titled Raditude - a word we should all incorporate into our vocabulary more often, I feel. Just look at that!

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