Monday, 4 January 2010

I have icicles on my eyelids

Or at least that's what it feels like.

It’s stupidly cold in Bath today. The sort of low temperature that makes being outside physically painful. I love Winter, tis my favourite season of all, but this is just silly.

Anyhow, a new track from Liars. Alright, it’s been kicking around the net for a couple of weeks, but I’ve been lazy. As ever with these guys, it grows in the listening. Really, I’m jumping around the room as I type. Also, doesn’t that opening “hrrrrrrrmmmmm!” sound weirdly like the beginning of Children of the Stones?

And you can download it for keeps here...

And a classic from that slightly patchy last album…

Had a first listen to the new Vampire Weekend album Contra today. Granted, they’re not really my kind of music, but I sorta liked parts of that first album. This time, I’m even less sure. I guess you’ve got to almost admire a band that tries their hand at cod-reggae. Don’t you?

Yeah, maybe not.

My review of Broadcast’s show at the Bristol Cube last month. A really fantastic night by one of our most perennially underrated bands.

I wonder what's the latest acceptable date for wishing people a happy new year?

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