Sunday, 21 March 2010

A reminder

I dreamt about my dad and woke up thinking that he was still alive.

Later on 'A Reminder' by Radiohead came on, on shuffle. There’s no explicit link, but dad died of Alzheimer’s disease in 1998, probably about a year or so after this song came out, and it feels connected in my head somehow.

If I get old, I will not give in
But if I do, remind me of this.
Remind me that, once I was free,
Once I was cool, once I was me.

And if I sat down, and crossed my arms,
Hold me into, this song.

Knock me out, smash out my brains,
If I take a chair, start to talk shit...

If I get old, remind me of this:
That night we kissed, and I really meant it.

Whatever happens, if we're still speaking.
Pick up the phone, play me this song.

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