Tuesday, 2 November 2010

It's that time of the year...

I'm in alignment with something in the NME!

At the risk of sounding ancient, I remember the days when Godspeed You! Black Emperor got on the front cover (apparently leading to the worst-selling issue in the history of magazines, or somesuch). And I loved it, for all it's frequent stupidity. I got into Boards of Canada through an NME cover mount and... well, a good third of my record collection has spun off from my love of BOC: Ghost Box, Moon Wiring Club, the new Pye Corner Audio* album to name a recent handful.

And now Warpaint. Yes, a hipster band. But a really, really good one. It's just a really lovely, dark and atmospheric record. Weatherall is on production duties, and you can hear him stamped all over it. Undertow, especially, has a lovely reverby spatiousness to it. Right now it's my second favourite thing in the world.


My absolute favourite thing in the world, of course, is Umberto. Of course! Merciful Zeus, but this is one of my albums of the year. It's basically fake seventies/early eighties horror film music. In fact it really should be called Music To Stalk Teenagers By. But that would probably be wrong.

What I really love is that he (Matt Hill from Expo 70) hasn't just copied the warbly synths and artfully misplayed notes (though check Night Stalking for a class example of that) but he's got some really nasty bass terror going on. It sounds ginormous on a turntable.

You can hear a couple of tracks here. Go with Temple Room first.


* Go download it, it's only a fiver and it's really good...


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