Tuesday, 18 January 2011


Music is emotion. And the emotion I experience when I listen to Broadcast is joy.

I can’t number the reasons why I love this band so much. The opening discordant notes of I Found The F before the drums crash in; Valerie’s beautiful delirium; Come On Let’s Go’s sage advice (“stop looking for answers in everyone’s face”); walking through Bath in the snow with Winter Now on... too many reasons.

I first heard of Broadcast around the time of The Noise Made By People, I think. There was a piece in the fondly remembered (by me anyway) Jockey Slut, and I was struck by their look. If the Tomorrow People formed a band, they’d look like Broadcast did back then. To me, that remains the height of cool.

Still, I think it took me until 2006 before I actually properly listened to them. That year was tough, but music helped. The Future Crayon became a favourite. Then in 2007 I met my girlfriend and we discovered Tender Buttons together.

I’m writing this because I wanted to express my sadness at the loss of Trish Keenan last week. My own feelings are, of course, utterly insignificant compared to what her family, friends and loved ones must be going through. But I wanted to say what I never got to say to Trish in person: I listen to Broadcast every day. They’re my favourite band and have been for the last few years. Basically, I think they rule.

Rest in peace Trish, and thank you for everything.



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