Friday, 11 February 2011


Tomorrow night in Bath! Me n' Joss n' Louie will be playing an oddball selection of vinyl curiosities in the city's finest pub. And it's free to get in! Come along and drink yer fill of Bath's strongest ales in fine company. And then do it all over again on the 26th. Go on, it's almost certainly better than staying in for Casualty.

Then, in April, we've got a special performance from all-lady Monks tribute band, the Nuns!


John Medd said...

If I were in Bath tonight consider it a given that I would B Side the A Side. Hope you lift the roof off the mother as Mr. Charles would say.

William Salmon said...

Cheers dude! We play fortnightly. If you're ever in the area, do drop in! A bit quiet tonight, but managed to sneak in some Broadcast and Moon Wiring Club though ;)